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The first electric scooter from Acer is available in India for Rs 99,999

<p>The Taiwan-based electronics and hardware company Acer has introduced its first e-scooter into the Indian market. The MUVI 125 4G is what it is known as, and it costs Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom). According to information provided by the business, Think Ebikego, a Mumbai-based EV startup, designed the car.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-238891″ src=”” alt=” how to apply for a blue aadhaar card and what they are 652d008384f0a 11zon” width=”1451″ height=”1088″ srcset=” 420w,×113.png 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1451px) 100vw, 1451px” title=”The first electric scooter from Acer is available in India for Rs 99,999 9″></p>
<p>The car is now available for pre-order on the business’s website for interested buyers.</p>
<p>Features of the Acer MUVI 125 4G E-Scooter</p>
<p>The newly launched MUVI 125 4G comes with a sleek design with a stylish road appearance, featuring a circular LED headlight setup, LED turn indicators, single-piece seating arrangement, decent foot space, and whatnot.</p>
<p>The electric two-wheeler features a slim front fairing that gives it a more attractive appearance. In addition to this, the scooter has a standard telescopic front fork and a single, offset mono-shock in the rear. Additionally, it has high-quality disc brakes on the front and rear sides.</p>
<p>Batteries for the Acer MUVI 125 4G E-Scooter</p>
<p>The brand has not yet disclosed the mechanic’s information. The MUVI 125 4G will, however, have the most recent battery-swappable technology, enabling users to experience a seamless and speedy battery-changing procedure, it was revealed.</p>
<p>MUVI 125 4G from Acer for B2B</p>
<p>The manufacturer has stated that the electric scooter may be modified if the user plans to utilize it in the B2B market.</p>
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