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Fans are shocked by Katrina Kaif’s intense action sequences in the Tiger 3 trailer while wearing only a towel

<p>There is a new teaser for Tiger 3 and Katrina Kaif is packing a punch. The actress was seen engaging in a number of breathtaking stunt sequences. The teaser did have one moment, however, that shocked everyone. Katrina may be seen executing a stunt sequence while just wearing a towel in the second part of the trailer. The actress looked to be battling a lady inside a traditional hammam.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-238916″ src=”” alt=” how much money does the staff of the ayodhya ram mandir make each month download 2″ width=”1194″ height=”518″ srcset=” 341w,×65.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1194px) 100vw, 1194px” title=”Fans are shocked by Katrina Kaif's intense action sequences in the Tiger 3 trailer while wearing only a towel 3″></p>
<p>In another video, Katrina was seen climbing on a man’s shoulder and firing at everyone around. Various more Katrina-related action sequences were also hinted at in the teaser. Her action avatar has the whole room’s interest. Wow, what a trailer. Especially the towel stunt, Katrina is rocking it in the teaser, a fan gushed on X (formerly known as Twitter). Oh my God, I just saw the trailer for “Tiger 3,” and Katrina truly outshines herself in it. Seriously, Zoya is going to be everything.Another person chimed in, “She is the sole Action heroine in BW.</p>
<p>The trailer for “Tiger 3″ seems to be an action-packed full-length film in every shot. Salman Khan’s performance is excellent in both the trailer and the whole film. Katrina Kaif also has excellent action moments, and there is another big movie coming soon… Expecting 1000cr,” stated the third post.</p>
<p>The Tiger 3 video teased the action sequences and, at long last, showed Emraan Hashmi’s villainous character. The actor provided the voiceover for the teaser and finally appears in the climactic scene, providing as the ideal tease.</p>
<p>Maneesh Sharma is in charge of directing Tiger 3, while Aditya Chopra wrote the script. While watching Tiger and Zoya’s reunion on the big screen, fans are eagerly anticipating Pathaan’s appearance in the movie. It has been widely speculated that Pathaan, played by Shah Rukh Khan, who made his espionage film debut earlier this year, would make an appearance in Tiger 3 in the same manner that Tiger did in Pathaan. His cameo’s specifics are still a secret.</p>
<p>The release date for Tiger 3 is November 12.</p>
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