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Tommy Fury Calls ‘Circus Act’ Ahead of Match With KSI

<p>Following their Thursday altercation inside a cage divided by perspex glass, Tommy Fury called his boxing match against YouTuber KSI a “circus” and said that it had devolved into that.</p>
<p>At the Manchester Arena on Saturday, Fury—the half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury—will face KSI in a six-round cruiserweight matchup.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-232934″ src=”” alt=” solar eclipse information for october 2023 including the date time sutak kaal and” width=”1096″ height=”821″ srcset=” 259w,–150×112.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1096px) 100vw, 1096px” title=”Tommy Fury Calls 'Circus Act' Ahead of Match With KSI 3″></p>
<p>Bottles were hurled and comments were exchanged during a press conference on Thursday, detracting from the excitement leading up to the fight.</p>
<p>Fury and KSI, who are both relatively inexperienced boxers but have fast become used to the sport’s penchant for pre-fight drama, have been becoming more hostile toward one another.</p>
<p>John Fury, the controversial father, entered a metal cage and started punching at the clear barrier separating him from KSI after the latter avoided a bottle that was hurled from the side of the stage.</p>
<p>After a short altercation with his opponent Dillon Danis, WWE star Logan Paul, who was scheduled to wrestle in the co-main event match in Manchester, was left with a cut on his face, the two were eventually removed by security.</p>
<p>Tommy Fury said, “I’m in the crossover world of boxing; it’s a circus performance.</p>
<p>“We are aware of what to expect. I am here to battle. Cut off the rest; our battle is in two days and the conversation is over.</p>
<p>With this weekend’s event not being sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC), but rather by the Professional Boxing Association (PBA), the unpleasant scenes did nothing to promote the reputation of YouTube boxing.</p>
<p>But Tommy Fury is convinced that when they settle their differences in the ring, it would be evident how much more experience he has in the sport than his opponent.</p>
<p>“Everyone is aware of what will happen. This guy cannot possibly live with me. Who did he battle? The others are YouTubers, and he has battled a rapper. “What is happening?” he asked.</p>
<p>“He is a bum in this boxing world. I have no desire to pursue him. I am a level higher than these folks. I have every single advantage: I’m taller, stronger, and heavier. I’ll make good on my word and call it a night soon.</p>
<p>“I’ve been training like a demon for 10 weeks for this man and I’ve sparred everyone, I’ve been sparring Tyson, I’ve been sparring the whole bunch of them.”</p>
<p>Tommy Fury won his first two professional fights before becoming famous in 2019 after appearing on the hit TV program Love Island.</p>
<p>Since then, he has won seven more bouts, most recently defeating Jake Paul, a competitor from YouTube, by split decision earlier this year.</p>

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