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Case of Job Bribery K Krithivasan, CEO of TCS, claims that there was a code of conduct violation rather than a systemic failure

<p>According to an ET article, KKrithivasan, the CEO and MD of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), said that the most recent hiring incident was “a one-off code of conduct violation and not a systemic failure.”</p>
<p>The head of TCS said that many individuals are reviewing the mechanisms that are already in place. “It is extremely tough to find a code of conduct breach in an organization with 6,00000 employees. I won’t be able to capture everything even if I look at every piece of data in my system, Krithivasan said in an interview with ET.</p>
<p>He claimed that the colleagues themselves had not been adversely affected. The TCS CEO expressed their satisfaction with the company’s conduct. The function’s manager was replaced by the corporation.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-75685″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1409″ height=”878″ srcset=” 284w,×93.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1409px) 100vw, 1409px” /></p>
<p>He further said that due to the business’s high level of transparency, many customers did not even inquire as to what had transpired.</p>
<p>Following a whistleblower report, Tata Consultancy Services dismissed four workers last month for breaking the company’s code of conduct.</p>
<p>TCS said in a statement to the exchanges that it had investigated the claims made in the complaint and determined there was “no fraud by or against the company and no financial impact” to the accusations. The resource management group (RMG), according to the statement, is in charge of assigning resources to different projects and bridging any gaps with contractors.</p>
<p>It went on to say that the complaint “refers to the hiring of such contract resources employed by the contractors.” The business also made it clear that none of its top managers had been complicit in any violations.</p>
<p>It had said in the exchanges that “The issue relates to breach of the Company’s Code of Conduct by certain employees and vendors providing contractors.”</p>
<p>TCS further said in the statement, “Upon receiving the complaint, the Company began a study to analyze the complaints’ claims. According to the review, (i) there was no fraud committed by or against the company, (ii) certain employees and vendors who provided contractors violated the company’s code of conduct, and (iii) no key managerial figures of the company were discovered to be involved.</p>
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