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Despite my personal opinion, I don't think MS Dhoni will play in the next season, according to Matthew Hayden

The legendary Matthew Hayden claims that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a “magician” who can transform another person's “trash into treasure.” Hayden also believes that the former India captain's unparalleled contribution to the CSK success story renders his playing future with the team “almost irrelevant.”
The fact that CSK has advanced to their tenth IPL final is largely due to Dhoni's tactical brilliance. At the beginning of the competition, he didn't have the greatest bowling assaults at his disposal, but he has been able to make the most of them.
He has also received accolades for the batting department's deployment of Ajinkya Rahane and Shivam Dube.
Dhoni, who has been playing despite a knee ailment throughout the competition, has given himself 8 to 9 months to make a decision on continuing to play. But according to Hayden, the World Cup-winning skipper won't be present for the next IPL.
“MS is a wizard. He transforms someone else's rubbish into treasure. He is a skilled and upbeat skipper. He made a very fascinating comment that, in my opinion, encapsulated both his humility and his honesty towards cricket, namely the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association, where he is represented, according to Hayden, who spoke to PTI.
“How strong the alignment is in terms of establishing that process is between that association and the franchise. That's MS Dhoni to me. There is a method to sorting through and dealing with things. He has done it for India and is now doing it for the Chennai Super Kings.
“It is practically meaningless whether he plays or not in the next season. Personally, I don't believe he would, but he is MS Dhoni,” he stated at a University of Technology Sydney (UTS)-sponsored event.
The era of players in the three-format will soon come to an end.
It has becoming harder for the players to play all three forms since T20 cricket has spread quickly around the globe.
In addition to making it difficult for players to commit to all forms, in Hayden's opinion, it also raises concerns about the game's future, particularly the 50-over variation.
“The era of players using the three-format is soon coming to an end. I would question if such forms are still relevant in today's society.
“The World Test Championship is an excellent indication of how much interest there still is in playing Test cricket. Otherwise, I see a lot of T20 cricket matches.
The 51-year-old said that it is unfair to place the responsibility on the players for forgoing national contracts to play franchise cricket abroad.
“It goes without saying that children of today would want to play sports, especially franchise cricket. We have seen a significant number of athletes, particularly from marginalized groups. Take cricket players from the West Indies, for instance. Due to their outstanding athleticism, they are poaching players from one sport to another. the stunning 80s' side that fell so far from grace.
“For instance, someone like Nicholas Pooran. Does he genuinely want to play cricket in Test matches? Dwayne Bravo, who came before him, mostly played franchise cricket across the globe but also played some Test cricket.
There are many instances like that. Someone like David Warner, who is from Australia. Will he continue to play T20 cricket for the balance of his career or will he concentrate on Test cricket now? There will always be difficulties when there is a great deal of money to be made. It will happen, and we should welcome it all, he said.

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